What is Take Physic, Pomp CIC?

A Legacy of Craftsmanship:

Whilst young, the company has already experienced extreme transformation, and was originally forged through a determination to craft better methods for creativity and innovation. Originally named Sarah Davenport CIC, the company was set up by Mother and Daughter Team, Mig and Sarah (then) Davenport as a phoenix from the ashes of their thirty-year established family bespoke design and cabinetmaking business which closed in 2010. After years of being laid siege to by a variety of factors—from the 2008 crash to mass-manufacturing competition—they acted in a positive, voluntary and solvent, manner and in a way that meant their Cabinetmakers also created offshoots and continued the legacy of time-honoured traditional skills.

Projects between 2010 and 2016 included:

  • Pioneering collaborative spaces in Nottingham—from a multidisciplinary year-long pop-up for over sixty creatives, to a project transforming empty shop windows into uplifting opportunities.
  • A three-year FP7 Marie Curie Project on ‘experience creation’ involving secondment to the Reykjavik and Nottingham Universities.
  • Numerous exhibitions with Designersblock, and many creative collaborations. Sculptural work that was created with craftsman Patrick Turk and shown at MOST was named a highlight of Salone Del Mobile 2012 in the London Evening Standard and Independent.
  • Regular bespoke consultancy work for international pioneers took place, including Furniture Design-guru Charlie Smallbone in Paris, and Master Glass-sculptor Steven Weinberg in Shanghai.

A Marriage of True Minds:

Charles and Sarah began collaborating as joint Artists in Residence of Bestwood Lodge in Nottingham in 2014 and new shades of creativity began to appear as a result of this energy, explored through Shakespeare, Ancient Language, Education, and a love of Nature. Their first collaborative event—’A Celebration of the Forest’ in which they introduced the work of talented forest-inspired Artists—was held at Bestwood Lodge in 2015. The name-change to Take Physic, Pomp’ reflects their book of the same name (now available on Amazon) created using Shakespeare’s wisdom to heal the ills of modern life.

Creativity and Care:

Sarah has spent the past five years working in the Care Industry, firstly as a Community Care-worker and then as a Mobility Specialist supporting people to find independent living and care solutions. Much Take Physic, Pomp CIC activity is directed towards forging new solutions for the people she met, worked with, and cared for.

A Tree-like Organism:

The CIC was created as a pragmatic and curious organism, willing to experiment to find new combinations and seek new solutions. This often confuses people who expect to see something that follows a predefined shape and format. Pluralistic, symbiotic and organic; Take Physic Pomp CIC as a tree would have a twisting trunk and deep roots. Its many branches include:

Living Books. A project of original stories through handcrafting books and working with authors and artists to deliver ‘RAW’ virtual and physical works direct and undiluted from creator to reader.

Take Physic, Pomp! is a latest example. Also, Hello Stranger by Sarah Beauclerk is a novella originally exhibited as a miniature table for the Art Director Elisabetta Scantamburlo as part of an exhibition at Nhow Milano.

The Community concerned with the Agency and Books is the Shakespeare Academy.

Charles runs the De Vere Tutors Agency teaching students all over the World the wonders of Latin, Ancient Greek, English, and Shakespearean Studies.

Ords and Ends is a care support and innovation organisation Sarah is creating to establish ‘Better ways to Wellbeing’, whilst Mig still supports operations behind the scenes.

The Business Beast is a ‘watch this space’ branch that has been developing behind the scenes for a very long time following Sarah’s work as a Marie Curie Research Fellow.

The Muniment Room is an online collaboration to gather and share information relating to the history of Bestwood, Bestwood Lodge, and the family of the Dukes of St. Albans.

Featured Image taken at the ‘Celebration of the Forest’ launch 2015 – with thanks to Hue of Two

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