Coming soon… the Creative Classroom…

testingfacebooksacoverWe are building a team of our favourite pioneers, who will have the creative freedom to teach in the way that best communicates their deep knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject. Whilst the Shakespeare Academy is also developing ‘live’ events, collaborations and workshops, these classes, courses and private tuition sessions will be delivered online through Skype.

Students from around the world will be able to embark on tailored week or month long courses for instruction and inspiration, or work with one or two of our pioneers for the longer term in order to develop specialist expertise.

Whether exploring the subject of Shakespeare or storytelling, painting or dressmaking – even quantum physics – the goal is to forge a shared passion for the subject between teacher and taught. In this way the creative dimension of the pursuit can open up and come alive.

These are classes that offer much more than simple instruction for exams or qualifications, though they do that too; rather, they are designed to inspire the student to make the subject his own.

We will be launching our Creative Classroom on the 19th of November…

Please email if you would like to hear more. 

Featured image inspired by the 1594 cover of ‘Willobie his Avisa’


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